Martinus Spiritual Cosmology
Martinus Spiritual Cosmology

Who Was Martinus

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Martinus was born in Denmark 1890 and lived there the remaining of his life until he passed away in 1981. He is renowned for his comprehensive spiritually scientific writings, which he spent 60 years of his life creating. It was first when Martinus turned 30 he experienced a profound transformation of consciousness that enabled him to describe nothing less than a comprehensive spiritually scientific world picture. After that he spent almost 60 years describing and disseminating this world picture, which is also known as Martinus Cosmology and Martinus Spiritual Science.


Poverty and Limited School

Martinus was born on 11th August 1890 on the outskirts of Sindal, a railway town in the northern part of Jutland. His childhood home "Moskildvad", which is now open to the public, bears witness to his poverty-stricken childhood. His mother was unmarried and worked as a housekeeper for the proprietor of a large farm called "Kristiansminde". A stableman, whose surname was Thomsen, was named as his father, and Martinus’ official name was therefore Martinus Thomsen.


Martinus' Mother

His mother was not in a position to be able to look after her son, so he was fostered by his mother’s brother and his aunt, and grew up in Spartan surroundings in their house, which was called "Moskilvad". His foster parents were elderly and had already brought up 11 children. Martinus always referred to them as very loving people who, despite their modest circumstances, gave him a warm and secure childhood. His contact with his real mother, who died when he was 11 years old, was limited.


In the local school, teaching was limited to verses of songs, religion, geography, math, and sometimes a little Danish history and natural history. The school lasted six hours a week in the summer and 30 hours a week in the winter. At home the Martinus often lacked reading material because they could not afford books or magazines. Martinus told us that he had a great appreciation once when inherited some old magazine he could read.


The Early Years with a Practical Jobs

After his confirmation Martinus became a trainee as a smith, however he had to give up because his build for such hard work, and he became a farm worker instead. Martinus was trained as a dairyman in 1910, and worked at various dairies in many parts of Denmark until he moved to Copenhagen in 1917. There he worked as a watchman and postman, until 1920 when he got a job as an office clerk at Enigheden Dairy.


But Martinus longed to do more with his life than merely sit in an office and write numbers all day long. For a while he liked the idea of becoming a missionary, but he gave up the idea for various reasons including the fact that he could not reconcile himself with the way people interpreted many of the Christian dogmas at that time. It soon emerged that Martinus had his own, personal mission.


Cosmic Consciousness at The Age of 30

In March 1921 a decisive transformation took place in his life. Martinus started to have many strong spiritual experiences that led to a profound expansion of his consciousness. In his books “On the Birth of My Mission” and “Intellectualized Christianity” he provides a beautiful description of his unexpected spiritual experiences.


Martinus called this new state of spiritual consciousness “cosmic consciousness”, which he attained at the age of 30. The prerequisite for cosmic consciousness is a highly developed faculty of intuition, which Martinus explained all human beings will develop sooner or later in a time period of 3,000 years.


Martinus’ Work with The Cosmic World Picture

When Martinus had received his cosmic consciousness, he had to get used to using it. He quickly understood that becoming a vegetarian was essential for him. He also realized that describing his spiritually scientific analyses in his spare time after work would not be sufficient. This became the beginning of some very frugal years where Martinus lived on support from
kind-hearted people who understood the importance of Martinus devoting himself to his mission. The first volume of his main work Livets Bog (The Book of Life) was ready for publication in 1932. He continued to write for almost 50 years
after that, his works comprising several thousand pages of text, symbolic drawings and a long series of lectures.


An important part of his mission consists in shedding light on the development of Christianity and other religions towards a future form corresponding to the level of consciousness of the modern intellectualized human being. For this reason he describes his works as intellectualized Christianity and has given them the common, collective title The Third
Testament. Through this he unites the otherwise so separate scientific and religious ways of thinking in a new spiritual science, which he foresees will come to form a foundation for the future development of mankind.


It was very important for Martinus that no kind of sect or membership to be built up around his life’s work, and he had no wish whatsoever to be the subject of a personality cult. Being the head of cult or a religious community was not a part of his mission. The main purpose of his life was to write his cosmic knowledge down and disseminate it. In a small, materialistic country like Denmark he could do this work in obscurity. This did not mean that he lived in isolation he was always very welcoming and took time to answer the questions that people asked him. He was altogether a very cheerful and friendly person who enjoyed the company of good friends. Martinus was frequently asked why he did not have a relationship or family? and cheerfully answered that he was married to the whole of mankind.

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