Martinus Spiritual Cosmology
Martinus Spiritual Cosmology

Martinus' Symbols

The Eternal World Picture, The Living Being 2, The Eternal Godhead and The Eternal Sons of God - Symbol 11

Martinus created a large number of symbols, which are important elements in his overall description of the eternal world picture. He wanted these symbols to provide an accessible overview of the principles and laws that characterize life and the universe as a whole.


Forty-four symbols with associated symbol explanations are published in his books The Eternal World Picture 1-5; they constitute an important supplement to his main work, Livets Bog (The Book of Life). Martinus left a number of additional symbols, which the Martinus Institute expects to publish in later volumes of The Eternal World Picture.


The symbols are made up of figures, colours and lines, each illustrating specific areas of the cosmic analyses. Martinus has thus created a physical illustration of spiritual realities that are otherwise inaccessible to our physical sensory perception. This physical visibility makes it easier for us to focus our thoughts on spiritual phenomena and to study them in a systematic and purposeful way, as we are accustomed to doing with physical objects and phenomena.


You can use the symbols as maps. They provide a symbolic representation of the spiritual and cosmic realities, in the same way as maps provide a symbolic representation of geographical realities.



Martinus' symbols are presented on the official Martinus website where each symbol is followed by a brief explanation; we do, however, always recommend readers to read Martinus' own detailed explanations in The Eternal World Picture.

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